Setting the Table

Demystify Live Audio—
Create a Clear, Powerful Mix Every Time, Quickly and Simply.

An uncomplicated course that simplifies audio technology, establishes a repeatable method using the 80/20 principle, and harnesses the best ears in the room—your musicians'!

  • Understand the essentials of audio technology in plain language

  • Simplify your audio process

  • Gain confidence managing live audio

  • Improve the quality of your sound with the gear you have

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Nathan Peterson, Setting the Table
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"I have been a team member, leader, and music director for over 15 years, and have never worked with an audio professional like Nathan. His results speak for themselves, but what really sets him apart is his personal and demystifying approach. He can truly make novice volunteers more than adequate sound people, bringing excellence to any audio production context."—Greg Molina, Music Director

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"We sounded and felt better performing, because we sounded and felt more like ourselves. But more than that, we knew why and how to sustain and nurture it week after week."—Geoff Mills, Team Leader

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"Nathan helped us with the technical struggles we were having as well as the relational ones. We came away from our time with him feeling bonded as a group and centered once again."—Alison Meuth, Arts Director

Setting the Table: Mastering Live Audio for Clear, Powerful Connection

Hi, I'm Nathan Peterson. With over two decades of experience in audio engineering, I introduce the Setting the Table methodology—a unique approach to audio that emphasizes clarity, simplicity, and the profound connection between performer and audience. Whether you’re working in small venues, community events, or large gatherings, this course will transform your audio experience.My Setting the Table methodology offers a systematic approach to audio engineering that is simple, replicable, and suitable for any volunteer audio engineer. It aims to take you beyond merely 'fixing' audio problems. Instead, it enables your team to enhance the connection between the stage and the audience using professional audio technology.This 4-hour masterclass takes you from the philosophy of audio engineering to the practicalities of the signal chain, microphones, EQ, dynamics, speakers, room acoustics, monitoring, feedback, and meters. All with one goal: to faithfully transmit the vibration that begins as a spark inside a person on stage to every member of your audience.

Nathan Peterson

Here's what you'll get from the course:

  • Learn to understand and navigate the signal flow

  • Understand why and when to use certain audio tools

  • Discover the intersection between audio technology and meaningful human connection

  • Prioritize the 10% of things that make 90% of the difference

  • Understand how to promote unity and encourage musicianship through monitoring

  • Develop a training plan for consistent, professional sound every time

Join me in this journey to create a deeper auditory experience for your audience. Enroll now!

Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction

  2. Section 1: Philosophy

  3. Section 2: Overview of the Signal Chain

  4. Original Vibration

  5. Microphones and Direct Boxes

  6. Preamp (Gain)

  7. HPF

  8. EQ

  9. Dynamics

  10. Effects

  11. Panning and Faders

  12. PA Processing

  13. Speakers

  14. The Room

  15. Feedback

  16. Reception (The Finish Line!)

  17. Setting the Table pt1

  18. Setting the Table pt2 & Closing

  19. Opinions, Complaints, and SPL Meters

  20. Monitoring Experimentation

  21. Specific Tips for Community Gatherings

Get immediate access to over 4 hours of training that will forever improve and simplify your audio

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
This course is designed for anyone involved in audio production for events or community gatherings. Whether you're a volunteer audio engineer, a band member, an event organizer, or simply a passionate individual looking to enhance the audio quality of your gatherings, this course will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need.

I'm a beginner. Can I still benefit from this course?
Absolutely! This course is designed to help individuals at all skill levels. The concepts are broken down into easy-to-understand segments, ensuring that even beginners can understand and apply the techniques effectively.

Will you teach me how to use a compressor?
Yes and no. I'll talk briefly about how to use compression and other tools. But there are already plenty of resources available for how... I will teach you why to use these tools. Once you understand the "why," these tools start to make a lot more sense.

What will I need to complete the course?
All you need is a device with internet access. The course is fully online, allowing you to learn at your own pace, at any time, and from anywhere. Also, it is not based on any specific gear — it covers the reasons behind the tools, which you can apply to whatever tools you have.

What if I'm not satisfied with the course?
Your satisfaction is important to me. If you're not completely satisfied with the course, please contact me within 30 days of your purchase, and I'll issue a full refund.

Do I get lifetime access to the course?
Yes, once you enroll in the course, you will have lifetime access to all the materials. You can revisit the content anytime you like.

Can I share this course with others?
You can share this course with members of your team by watching it together, but if you would like to purchase it for different communities or teams, please contact me for a multi-license discount.

How can I contact you if I have other questions?
I'd love to hear from you. You can reach out to me and my team by emailing us directly at

During my years working in music and audio production, I often experienced the frustration of hearing feedback about distracting or unclear sound after investing so much into a performance or presentation. This is a struggle shared by many communities, whether they are bands, schools, churches, or event organizers. Perhaps it’s familiar to you as well.Volunteer-driven and budget-conscious environments present unique challenges. Nonprofessional techs, musicians, limited budgets, and lack of training are common hurdles. Existing audio solutions often fall short in addressing these needs. In fact, they often make them worse by offering more tools and more complexity rather than understanding and clarity.That’s why I've created this masterclass – to provide churches, like yours, with an accessible and affordable approach that fosters deep connection instead of distraction or division.That’s why I've created this masterclass – to provide an accessible and affordable approach that fosters deep connection instead of distraction or division.This method has helped so many lighten their load, regain focus, and create genuine connection through music and sound. I’m so excited to share this with you.


—Nathan Peterson

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